General Requirements and Deadlines

General Requirements
  1. Give your e-portfolio a professional title that clearly indicates what it is. You could simply use “<your first and last names>’s Writing E-Portfolio” or use something more creative but still informative.
  2. The “final” versions of what you include must be error-free and polished, though you may also want to include less-than-polished drafts of texts in order to illustrate how a particular piece of writing evolved or what your process looked like.
  3. The design should effectively embody the design principles mentioned later in this guide.
  4. The e-portfolio, or at least part of it, should be a professional website with stable pages, although it can have a blog component. If you have expertise in coding and web design, feel fee to build your e-portfolio from scratch or adapt any existing platform. If you do not have expertise in this area, we recommend that you use WordPress, selecting a “theme” (i.e., template) with a simple, clean design that can be easily adapted into a website portfolio. When browsing themes to try out, read under “Details” what they were designed primarily to support, and consider how their “look and feel” might resonate with your intended audience(s). In addition to adaptable themes created by design experts, WordPress includes a thorough set of help resources.
  5. If you have good reasons that relate to your e-portfolio’s purposes, audiences, and sample texts, you can request to use a platform other than WordPress; some Writing & Rhetoric students have created strong e-portfolios using the WIX or Weebly website builders. Possible reasons to use a platform other than WordPress include the need to showcase specific types of media and texts (e.g., videos) better supported by another platform or the desire to appeal to an industry whose employers prefer another platform. Before deciding to go this route, we recommend that you talk to faculty and/or professionals in your field.
  6. You must respect the intellectual property of others—including writing, images, sound, and multimedia—by getting permissions and including citations or attributions (even for content licensed by Creative Commons), where appropriate. You must also get written permission to include a text if it was created by someone else, created collaboratively, or created for an organization or business. For more information on intellectual property, please refer to the Resources section of this guide. 
Submission and Approval Deadlines
Ideally, you will attend workshops, get feedback, and revise your e-portfolio into an approvable form at least one term before you plan to graduate.
  • For Students Majoring in Writing and Rhetoric: All DWR Majors are now required to enroll in  the zero credit ENC 4950 “Writing E-Portfolio” course in their final fall/spring semester.  In this course, you will receive information about portfolio deadlines for majors and the review process for majors.
  • For Students Earning a Minor or Certificate in Writing and Rhetoric: When the program advisor and director are notified of your intent to graduate, you will be emailed and asked to reply with the URL of your e-portfolio draft and available dates/times for an advising appointment. Make sure you are checking your knights email. We will also send reminders to the program’s email list, so if you are not on this list, please let us know (
  1. You must contact one of our Program Advisors, Adele Richardson (, 301A Colbourn Hall) or Marcy Galbreath (, 305E Colbourn Hall), to provide her with the URL of your e-portfolio draft and make an appointment no later than two weeks (14 days) after classes begin in the term you intend to graduate.
  2. After receiving and implementing feedback from the Program Advisor and others, you must email the URL of your revised e-portfolio to one of the program advisors ( and for approval no later than two weeks (14 days) before the last day of regular classes (rather than the last day of finals week) in the term you intend to graduate.

Although we will attempt to contact and remind you, it is your responsibility to complete a draft of your writing e-portfolio, make an advising appointment about it, and get it approved by the deadlines above.