WordPress Help and Resources

You can access several sources of help (including teachers, program advisors, and University Writing Center consultants) while developing your e-portfolio, but you might start by familiarizing yourself with WordPress and its help/support tools.

WordPress provides a detailed tutorial on navigation and customization along with a detailed support network for software-related questions. You can also sometimes find answers to such questions just by googling them or on WordPress.com support forums. Because WordPress help is available in so many different places on the Web, we’ve included links to what we anticipate will be commonly sought topics.

E-Portfolio as Website
Before you begin setting up your e-portfolio, you might read about the difference between a blog and a website and how you can adapt WordPress.com to build your e-portfolio as the latter (website): http://en.support.wordpress.com/using-wordpress-to-create-a-website/

Learn WordPress Tutorial
This short tutorial should be where students unfamiliar with WordPress begin to learn the basics of the software: http://learn.wordpress.com/

WordPress.com Support
This website is where questions concerning specific elements of the WordPress software can be answered: http://en.support.wordpress.com/

Specific Help/Support Pages
Here are links to several specific help/support pages that should assist you with setting up, building, and managing your e-portfolio:

Setting Up Your Site:

Creating Pages:

De-Blogifying Site:

Developing Page Content:

Privacy Settings: